Another race proven product developed from many years experience on and off the track. Mazfix offers a range of clutch set ups to suit different needs. The clutch range includes the Heavy Duty clutch, suitable for stock and street ported engines and goes up to our high torque billet pressure plate suitable for turbo street cars. For serious racers we also have race proven twin plate set ups, guaranteed no slip.

Super Heavy Duty From $385
Hi Torque From $490
Twin Plate Clutch & Flywheel From $1,350


Mazfix Twin Plate Race Clutch


Fully re-buildable --- unlike expensive Japanese units. Available to suit all horse power levels. Big range of diaphragms for high and low clamp pressure. Includes flywheel.

Ultra High Performance Race Twin Plate Clutch :- From $2,000

High Performance Street Twin Plate Clutch :- From $1,150





Made from Billet Steel, our Flywheel range are of highest quality.

Light weight Billet Flywheel with ring gear $335




A range of import (used) gearboxes in stock.

RX2 $650
RX3 $650

RX4 $650

RX5 $850 
RX7 series 1 to 3 $850
RX7 series 4 $950 
RX7 series 5 $950 
RX7 series 6 $1095
RX8 6 Speed $2000 

Race Transmissions: P.O.A

Transmission Parts: P.O.A

Richmond, Top loader, Jerrico, G-Force, Liberty, Lenco, Powerglide, Tremec