RX8 Upgrades

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Our Flagship upgrade for the RX8 is our completely in House Designed, Stage 1 Turbo Upgrade Kit.  This Turbo Upgrade kit gives the RX8 the power that it was lacking from the factory with a mind blowing 200KW (approximately) at the flywheel. Our turbo kits have been rigorously tested both on the street, the strip and the track for over 4½ years. One customer has even managed to clock up over 100,000km since having his turbo kit fitted. We have customers from all corners of the country traveling large distances to have one of our highly acclaimed and much sort after Stage 1 kits fitted.


To view more information on our Stage 1 Turbo Kit including Dyno Graphs and Videos, please CLICK HERE


Here at Mazfix Performance, we have established ourselves as THE RX8 Specialists.  We offer a complete catalog of upgrades and services for both the 1st and 2nd generation RX8’s backed up by the skill of 20+ years of rotary experience.  We can expertly handle all genuine log book servicing at an extremely competitive price.


To view more information on our Servicing, both Log book and Non-Log Book, please CLICK HERE


Our expertise is so highly regarded in the industry that many dealerships choose to bring vehicles from their own workshops into us for our highly qualified technicians to work on.  We have undertaken numerous engine rebuilds for dealerships right around QLD with many enquiries received from interstate as well.


To view more information on our RX8 Engine Rebuilds please CLICK HERE


If a Turbo Kit is not for you then maybe you might consider some of the other upgrades we have such as our Throttle Control Chip. This chip completely changes the way your RX8 will drive, giving the car noticeably quicker acceleration, without actually increasing the power. This is really hard to explain, the best way to experience it is to have one fitted to your car and take it for a test drive, if you can’t notice a difference we will remove it and there will be no charge, however we are yet to remove one…


To view more information on our Throttle Control Chips, and other Electronic Upgrades, please CLICK HERE


We also offer a large range of high quality suspension upgrades for your RX8 to increase its already fantastic handling, ranging from upgraded sway bars right through to our fully electronically controllable and in-cab adjustable coil overs.


To view more information on our Suspension Upgrade, please CLICK HERE


Are you looking for that something special to make your pride and joy stand out from all of the other RX8’s on the street? Then take a look at the complete range of Body Styling Upgrades we can do to transform your factory RX8 into an eye catching aggressive street warrior ranging from Carbon Fibre Bonnets through to Scissor Door Conversion Kits and complete Mazdaspeed Genuine Body Kits.


To view more information on our RX8 Body Styling Parts, please CLICK HERE


Tired with the quietness of your factory exhaust? We have a range of exhaust upgrades that will give your RX8 a deeper throatier note with being loud or over the top. We offer a range of exhausts from cat back stainless systems for standard street cars right through to a custom fabricated complete 3” High Flow system used on most of our Turbo Charged cars and a few Track cars as well.


For more information on our RX8 Exhaust Upgrades, please CLICK HERE


Time to replace the standard clutch in your RX8? Have you had a look at our Upgraded clutch kit and light weight flywheels? This will give your RX8 a lighter feeling clutch pedal and quicker engine response all while still maintaining the factory drive-ability.


For more information on our Drive Line Upgrades, please CLICK HERE


Thinking of attending a few track days or you just enjoy some ‘spirited driving around the place, then we strongly recommend upgrading to a second oil cooler to help keep the temperatures under control.  All Australian delivered RX8’s only have 1 factory oil cooler, on the left side, which makes no sense considering the average climate in Japan and USA is a lot cooler then Australia. This oil cooler upgrade gives you extra cooling as needed for performance in our harsh Australian climate.


For more information on our Oil Cooler Kits and other RX8 Engine Accessories please CLICK HERE


Have you added an exhaust or Intake kit to your RX8? To get the most out of the existing modifications you have fitted, or even just that bit more from your standard RX8, we can now re-tune your factory ecu. Factory tunes are notoriously rich and very general. Solid power gains and even better fuel economy can be found simply by re-tuning the factory computer. We are also able to increase throttle response making the car feel faster as well.


For more information on our Fatory ECU Re-Tuning please CLICK HERE