RX8 KoyoRad Alloy Radiator
Price $ 765.00
$ 795.00

Koyo Radiators are designed, manufactured and specified to original equipment (OE) specifications. Koyo radiators are renowned for their OE style design made especially for import cars. Koyo's radiators are also available in plastic tank and aluminum core. Our NocolokR brazing line keeps the highest quality standards, bringing you superior products you can rely on. Koyo is Japan's largest aftermarket radiator manufacturer. The Koyo radiator is produced from aircraft quality aluminum and Heli-arc welded. Heli-arc soldering is the highest quality standard for enforcement along aluminum connections.

Product Features:

- Fully polished to a mirror finish (Depending on radiator)
- 30% more cooling than standard radiators
- Handles high revving, high performance motors
- Perfect for Turbocharged, Supercharged & Nitrous Oxide equipped engines - Custom built OEM fit
- All radiator cores and tanks are specifically designed and built for each application.
- No universal fit parts are used. This ensures proper fit, just like your original equipment!
-alloy 53mm thick