Walbro 450 LPH In-Tank E85 High Pressure Fuel Pump
Price $ 225.50
Item: FP400E85


Walbro has released an updated version of the 39/50 DC/SS pump many people know as the 400LPH pump with the option of being E85 compatible. In overall appearance the pump dimensions are the same, for this unit to be used in E85 all electrical connections must be sealed, there for this new unit will have a build in electrical harness with a female Packard connector.

- Outperforms all current market in-tank fuel pumps
- Designed for engines with more than 500HP
- Award-winning OE Technology
- High- Pressure,High-flow performance
- OEM technology designed and developed for E85. All pumping components have been validated to OEM Specifications for approved use in E85/Flex fuel applications.