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After years of personal passion and dedication to Rotarys, in 1990 Archie did what people had told him he should and opened a Rotary dedicated workshop.

The Toowoomba business grew rapidly and boast customers from all around Australia and the globe. The initial business concentrated on only Rotaries and thus the fitting trading name of Maz Fix. In the early days, the business comprised two parts:-

the mechanical sector and the panel and painting sector. This allowed Archie and his team to present a complete service to the clientele, particularly those rebuilding a vehicle to show car standards. However as the reputation of Mazfix spread, the Panel and paint shop was sold off to gain much needed workshop space as Mazfix applied it's experience to the ever increasing demands from the Fast Four Cylinder market. At this time the parent company, KAM Imports, commenced as a Manufacturer of Import Vehicles and holds a licence to bring in and comply several performance imported vehicles.

In 2001, Archie and his team moved Mazfix to Brisbane to be more accessible to customers and expand the showroom and workshop setups. Situated just off the Gold Coast - Brisbane Motorway, the new location at 48 Smallwood Street Underwood in Brisbane Queensland, was also chosen for it's accessibility to interstate and overseas customers.

The physical specs of the new workshop alone show the dedication and thought that have gone into the new premises. A huge 1000m 2 of performance workshop, commences when you step inside the very large showroom which displays the well known signature Black Series 6 RX7 drag car (or a variety of other performance vehicles on display when the race vehicle is in workshop) gives the customer an up close look at the Mazfix flagship.

The modern, vibrant colour scheme screams excitement and cutting edge, which is only fitting for this performance dedicated dwelling. Offices, parts storage rooms, and a purpose built air-conditioned engine room complete the picture. The latest Dyno Dynamics Dyno is housed in a specially designed Dyno structure situated at the front of the workshop with the viewing windows to allow customers to watch their vehicles go through the paces of a dyno tune or a horsepower chasing dyno session. The workshop comfortably accommodates the service and repair section, engineering section, engine disassemble benches and storage racks for secondhand engines, gearboxes, car panels - the list is endless.

A 24 hour monitored security system and other physical security features ensure the safety of the expensive and unique vehicles we work on. Ample car parking both within and outside are also consistent with the need to respect the Calibre of vehicles in the workshop.

With ever dropping ET times Mazfix heads towards a mission of maintaining the front running position. Due to the research and development creating increased power from the Triple rotor race engine, the MAZFIX flagship Series6 Rx7 was replaced with a Prostock Chevy Beretta, being the only financial way for MAZFIX to step up to put the power to the ground.

MAZFIX is accustom to being in the record books. Over the years time slips have fallen and then inevitably a new benchmark to beat is set, both personally and within the national and world scene. Fast times come and go But in June of 2004 MAZFIX stepped up to take out the one title all the players in the Rotary Scene were chasing. A historical achievement that once achieved can not be broken.

At Willowbank Raceway at the Annual prestigious Winternational Competition, in front of a full capacity crowd, everything came together to produce a WORLD FIRST run!

  • An amazing 6.99sec @ 201.52mph !
  • The FIRST Rotary to break into the 200mph bracket in the World!
  • The first Rotary in Australia to break into the 6sec bracket!
  • One of only three Rotaries in the world to break into the 6s.
  • The run achieved Track, National and World records.
  • The devastating crash in 2005 of the Chevy Beretta has meant Archie has had to step into a forced retirement until finances or sponsors become available.