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Livi Suatia - RX8 Owner

Definitely the place to go if your a proud owner of a rotary.. these guys know their stuff ,THANKS AGAIN GUYS!

Zeke Laing - FD RX7 single turbo conversion 349HP

Awesome job on my car guys, big thanks to you all!

Travis Hansen-Doherty - VLT-RB30 554HP

I met Archie and the Mazfix crew after getting a microtech remapped then i stupidly took the car to a workshop that promised the world. Needless to say they delivered me a car that wont get off idle and still charged me three times the quote price. I then got Archie on the phone as this tuner blamed the computer. The car went to Mazfix that arvo i got a phone call the next morning wrong wiring of a transistor Archie solved it in less than an hour didn't even starting the car. Its funny how you can take a piston motor to the rotor boys to get it fixed.

My car has now been back to Mazfix a hand full of times as i keep upgrading. VL RB30 22psi 554hp at the wheels still sorting it.

Thanks to Archie and all the Mazfix crew for all the helpful advice and tuning.


Andrew Gibb - RX3 Coupe - BUZ17

To all the guys at Mazfix a big thanks!!

Your dedication is the best I have ever seen and you have gone above and beyond working on my RX3.

Having been to several workshops over the past 6 or so years I have never been so impressed by customer service.

I knew what I was up for, you kept me well informed of what was happening with my car and I couldn't be happier.

All round great bunch of guys and I now wouldn't take my car anywhere else!

Cheers guys, see you next time.


Mark Durack – Series 2 RX7 – BUZIN7

Mazfix are a top shop!!!

I have been to all the workshops in Brisbane and the gold coast but have found them to be the most helpful and encouraging. I sold my series 2 rx7 earlier this year but hopefully i will be back with a new project and will be using their experience to help build a great car.


Stephen Fynes-Clinton – Series 6 RX7

I gave Archie the job from hell - 1994 series 6, motor fried because the idiot owner thought he could get away with driving 10 kms home after radiator reserve tank exploded.  A certain dealer offered to rebuild for parts cost only, as a learning experience for the young mechanics - got it apart all right, but didn't know where to go from there.

Delivered to Mazfix on the back of a tilt tray truck with 4 boxes of parts (and more in the boot).

To cut a long story short, Archie and the team put in more hours than they had allowed in the quote trying to sort out all sorts of issues, with various bits not taken off with proper care and then with faulty sensors and a computer box that has developed intermittent bugs.

Another part of the cooling system blew up the day I got it back - the tank that runs behind the cabin heating vents - not their fault; just another worn part. Archie paid the towing cost and despite my invitation to charge it back to me once we worked out that it was not a Mazfix error, he never has.

I've returned my car to them for stage 2 - Microtech box and some other stuff.  No hesitation.

Genuine customer service focus is my criteria and they’re delivering it. Since this happened I have been a loyal customer with both my RX8 and my RX7 since 2005.


Joel Barry – Series 2 RX7

After an accident, I took my car to a few shops around the coast.  In trying to get it all sorted, and having nothing but drama’s whilst rebuilding half the car. I took it straight to Mazfix and they found all my problems (which were from another shop leaving silicon in my fuel tank) along with other stuff.  It cost me 2 fuel pumps and some labour which was way cheaper than the other quotes. I also had a Dyno tune and some services done too.

Even with my annoying questions and constant telephone calls, I found them to be very helpful.  After taking it to Mazfix, my car really is running the best it ever has.  So now I'm more than happy to drive my car on the 2 hour trip it takes to get to Mazfix. I could go on and on about how happy I am. I wish I had of taken it to them from the start.

I had Archie under my car pointing things out to me. I thought it was weird having the "big boss" talking to customers.  I don’t know if that happens at other workshops, but its definitely a big plus. I really appreciated the personalised service I received from Archie.

I also found Brock to be very helpful and Mazfix was flexible for me to pick my car up after hours as I live far away.


Mark Harston – RX2 Sedan 122ARX

I started in the rotary scene at an early age. My first car at 16 was a 808 with a 12a 6 port and a locked diff. From here the rotors kept coming. At 17 I built a rx4 coupe with a 12a turbo and Microtech D4. Rx3’s, rx2’ and rx7s followed. Because of this and the fact that I lived in Sydney, I have had plenty of experience with rotary workshops and tuners. While still living in Sydney and being in the rotary scene for quite a while I grew a respect for Mazfix Performance, the cars they had produced, and the achievements that they had reached.

I moved to Brisbane 5 years ago and whilst i was ‘rotorless’, I was still active within the scene due to friends I’ve made over the years. I now had the chance to meet the man and the team behind Mazfix. I had no car at this stage so my friendship was formed, not from a customers point of view, but from the love of the rotary engine. I was at first taken aback by the friendly nature of Archie, a man that I had admired for such a long time. I wasn’t a customer, just a guy that loved rotary’s who had some mutual friends. Being now in the inner circle of Mazfix I have had the chance to appreciate the knowledge of Archie and his team. I could see the quality of their work and their passion for pushing the limits. After not having a rotary of my own I decided to finish  a rx2 project that a mate and I had started in Sydney.

I spoke to Brock about my purchase.  Brock was keen and excited from the start. He wanted to know all about it and asked questions to find out what theme and desires I had in mind for the car. After I had done all the work that I could do myself on the car, it was sent to Mazfix for them to work their magic. Now I had the ability to talk to Archie and Brock as a customer and with them knowing what I wanted from this car, they went to work. Different things were suggested that I would not have thought of.  This showed me their ability to adapt to customers specialised needs, to get exactly what the customer wants, whilst extracting the best out of the package they have to work with. Now from a customers point of view I cannot explain clearly enough the insight, understanding and quality of Mazfix. Its not just about working on cars, its the entire Mazfix experience. You have to experience this yourself, to fully appreciate Mazfix. Thanks again Archie & Brock for everything.


Troy Spelman - Datsun 1200 Ute - Team 1200 Racing.

I first approached Archie way back in 2004 with my little datto ute and a dream of running a rotary powerhouse in it with the long term goal of one day running a 11 second quarter. Over the years my ute has progressed from a Non Turbo RX8 Motor, to a Turbo Charged version and now onto a full in-house built Race 13B Cosmo Bridge Ported Special. The ute has run a best of 9.0 @ 151mph surpassing all of my expectations and is currently having a G-Force Clutchless 5 speed Racing Gearbox, because now the bug has bitten and all i want to do is go faster..

Mazfix made my dream a reality, and infact i am now running quicker then i ever hoped for.


Partner: Nicole Spelman - Team 1200 Racing.

Known these guys for about 7yrs. Awesome work on our 1200 ute that got us 2 runner ups, 2yrs in a row at Jambo! They are currently doing work to our new toy. Archie and the boys are always willing to help out and are a pleasure to race beside and to do business with.


Daniel Callow - RX8

Purchased the Mazfix catback recently, great exhaust, noticed the different the minute I left the shop.
Thanks, great work.


Paulie D. - 20B RX7

I want to thank ALL the guys at Mazfix for the superb work on my car to get it to the next level. Thanks for the many late nights where you have gone above and beyond my expectations. It is fantastic.

Thanks guys for all your work.

You dont know how much it is appreciated!