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RX8 Electronic Upgrades

Gauge Assembly Kit - $1150 Including Gauges + $ 495 Fitting

The new gauge holders clip in place of the ash tray. They are extremely accurate unlike ones that come standard in the RX8. The standard oil pressure does not do anything and the water temp will sit on halfway when the engine is between 70-100 deg Celsius. Monitors oil pressure, oil temperature and water temperature. This is a complete kit including all three gauges, and the mounting fascia plate.  The gauge configuration can be changed if you would like other gauges please specify when ordering. Please bear in mind this may attract a surcharge.

gauges.jpg - large


Fan Control Switch. $440

Have control over your factory fans.


RX8 Throttle Control Chip, Fitted $650

Eliminates Slow Throttle Response

RX8 Upgraded Ignition Coil Packs - $165 ea

These Brand New Upgraded Coil Packs are to suit all models of Mazda RX8. These coils are a upgrade of the Mazda factory units and are a direct replacement for the standard oem units. We are one of the only shops currently selling these in the country.