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MAZFIX is a custom to being in the record books. Over the years time slips have fallen and then inevitably a new benchmark to beat is set, both personally and within the national and world scene.

RX8 Engine Rebuilds

Our expertise is so highly regarded in the industry that many dealerships choose to bring vehicles from their own workshops into us for our highly qualified technicians to work on.  We have undertaken numerous engine rebuilds for dealerships right around QLD with many enquiries received from interstate as well.

At Mazfix we have respect for machinery, ours and yours. We have a wide customer base with a wide age range, all of who come to us for different services. Our standard rebuilds are a popular service which proves time and time again that the standard, well tuned and well maintained engine provide great performance in a reliable and street drivable package, after all our bank manager drives one.

RX8 Engine Rebuilds

(Bare Engine Only – accessories not included)

  • ALL NEW seals
  • ALL NEW springs
  • ALL NEW gaskets
  • ALL NEW o rings
  • Machine Engine Plates
  • Clearance Bearings
  • Blue – Print Engine

Using your Housings and Rotors (only used if within measuring range)

From    :-   $5350

RX8 Porting Prices (based on 4 or 6 port engines)

Size does matter! BUT it’s the shape of the port that is crucial to performance. All too often we pull down engines, done by others, and see large mis-shaped ports. These engines actually put out less power than a standard engine and mean throwing away the end plates to start again, a costly mistake for a customer. The Mazfix range of ports have all been tried and proven over many years.

Mazfix Power Port   :-   $950

After rigerious testing we are now offer The RX8 Power Port. A great upgrade for any RX8 Engine.  Still idles nicely with a bit of a ‘Purr’. Noticeable Power Increase

Engine Doweling   :-   From $690

Precision machined in-house with our mill. This is strongly recommended for any engine that will be expecting to see more then 10-12psi of boost.

RX8 Apex Seal Upgrades (based on 4 port and 6 port engines)

Steel Race Apex Seals   :-   Upgrade from $660

A good insurance policy to have in your engine. These Seals will Bend out of the way if the unthinkable was to happen and something was to work its way through your motor. this will help limit the damage to other engine components such as Rotors, Housings, Plates and finally Turbo Chargers if fitted. These seals have been tested and are used in all of the Mazfix Drag cars as well as most of our tough customers cars.

12 Months Parts Only Warranty With All Rebuild Street Engines.

** Polishing of Housings & Custom Painting of Plates is available on all engines for an extra charge. Please contact the workshop to find out more about this.