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Used/Import Engines

Mazfix stock a range of import engines which most of are low kilometer used engines. All the import engines are handpicked by Archie himself, therefore ensuring Mazfix purchases the best possible engines from the offered batch. Once the engines return to the workshop, they are more thoroughly tested to ensure they have good bearings and compression. With this selection process in place, we ensure our customer gets the "cream of the crop".

All engines have a start up warranty or alternatively a 30-day warranty when the engine is fitted in our workshop.

BEWARE of the cheap engines with NO warranty offered by others.


  • 12A Carby engine block                           :-   $4900
  • 13B Carby engine block                           :-   $4900
  • 13B 6 Port Injected Import block             :-   $4900   
  • 13B Turbo  Series 4 Import Motor            :-   $5650
  • 13B Turbo Series 5 Import Motor             :-   $5900
  • 13B Twin Turbo Series 6 Import Motor     :-   $5800   
  • 13B Twin Turbo Cosmo Import Motor       :-   $6500  
  • 13B Twin Turbo Series 8  Aust  75k kms  :-   $8750 complete with turbos 
  • 13B Renesis RX8 4 Port Import Engine     :-   
  • 13B Renesis RX8 6 Port Import Engine     :-   $7000    
  • 20B Cosmo Twin Turbo Import Engine     :-   $POA   

*12A Turbo Engines are only available in packages, please see Performance Engine Packages