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Here at Mazfix Performance we have established ourselves as a 'One Stop Performance Shop' catering for everything from Hard Core Purpose Drag Weapons to Street Racers and Show Cars.  Specializing in Everything Performance and looking after every aspect except for pain and panel.....

Whether you’re looking for a Modification Place for your streeter, a Roll Cage for your track car, Complete Drive in-Drive out engine conversion for  project car sitting in the shed, a log book service for your RX8 or other performance car, an aftermarket ecu to be fitted, wired and dyno tuned,  a road worthy certificate for your pride and joy, or a complete ground up build on your car then we are the ones to help you out with what you are after.

Our fully equipped workshop  can even handle any engineering or custom fabrication work you will require with Mill Machine, Drill Presses, Lathes, Ban Saws, CNC Machines for custom 1 off billet work,  State of the art Tig & Mig Welding facilities for any sort of welding, Pipe benders and rollers, pipe swager, and latest Dyno Dynamics 2WD Chassis Dyno housed in a purpose built and monitored Cell for accurate tuning and readings.

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Another race proven product developed from many years experience on and off the track. Mazfix offers a range of clutch set ups to suit different needs. The clutch range includes the Heavy Duty clutch, suitable for stock and street ported engines and goes up to our high torque billet pressure plate suitable for turbo street cars. For serious racers we also have race proven twin plate set ups, guaranteed no slip.

Super Heavy Duty From $525
Hi Torque From $590
Twin Plate Clutch & Flywheel From $1950

Mazfix Twin Plate Race Clutch

Fully re-buildable --- unlike expensive Japanese units. Available to suit all horse power levels. Big range of diaphragms for high and low clamp pressure. Includes flywheel.

Ultra High Performance Race Twin Plate Clutch :- From $2,000

High Performance Street Twin Plate Clutch :- From $2000


Made from Billet Steel, our Flywheel range are of highest quality.

Light weight Billet Flywheel with ring gear $365


A range of import (used) gearboxes in stock.

RX2 $P.O.A.
RX3 $P.O.A.
RX4 $P.O.A.

RX5 $P.O.A.
RX7 series 1 to 3 $1500
RX7 series 4 $POA
RX7 series 5 $POA 
RX7 series 6 $POA
RX8 6 Speed $1800

Race Transmissions: $P.O.A.

Transmission Parts: $P.O.A.

Richmond, Top loader, Jerrico, G-Force, Liberty, Lenco, Powerglide, Tremec 

Fuel Systems


When you upgrade the power of your engine, it is imperative you increase the fuel supply. Rule of thumb is to supply more than you need. This will ensure correct feed to the engine and also protect your engine. We offer a big range of Fuel Pumps

FP910 - In Line Pump - Rated to 450HP

FP984 - In Line Pump - Rated to 500HP

FP040 - In Tank Pump - Rated to 400HP

FP044 - In Line Pump - Rated to 600HP     

FP023 - In Tank Pump - Rated to 600HP    

Surge Tanks

Mazfix custom fabricates alloy and stainless steel surge tanks with universal fit, to fit in the boot of most cars or alternatively tanks to fit under cars.

Series 1/2/3 RX7 under car style  -  $265

Custom Tanks also fabricated to your specifications.  -  $POA


Mazfix can Ultrasonically Clean, Service, Flow Test  and Re-Kit your existing injectors for only $37.50ea

Or upgrade you to bigger flow injectors.

We stock a large range of Injectors ranging from 550cc up to 2200cc with prices starting from $135 per Injector.

880cc  Seimen Injectors - Low Impedance  - $165 ~

1000cc Rochester Injectors - Low Impedance - $165 ~ 

1600cc Bosch Indy Blue Injectors - Low Impedance - $165 ~ 

2200cc Continental Injectors - Low Impedance - $425 ~ 

Custom Fuel Rails

Custom fuel rail setups to suit any application spun alloy boss to fit extra injectors. Thread in or weld in.

Fuel Pressure Regulators

The fuel pressure regulator is a high performance tuning part which replaces the original equipment valve. This will produce a healthy, strong fuel mixture strength which will improve the drivability and power of your car.

Type A  :-   High Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator - Ratio 1:1

(Psi of Fuel Pressure: psi of Boost Pressure)

Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator $275

Sard Fuel Pressure Gauge $42.00

Turbosmart fpr1200 Fuel Pressure Reg blue or black $295.75

Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Gauge $40.95



An intercooler works to increase horsepower not by increasing boost, but by lowering the temperature of the intake air. The colder the air, the more densely packed it is, therefore more air can fit in. Also by lowering the temperature of combustion gasses, the engine wear is reduced and life of the engine increased.

Intercoolers Starting from $600 + Freight

Custom Fabricated Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Suit Most Cars

  • Custom Front Mounted Inter Cooler
  • Custom polished and stainless TIG welded pipe work
  • All hoses & clamps supplied

From $2300.00*

* Att: Smaller Battery may be required on some models at additional cost of $150.

Microtech Automotive Systems

MicroTech is a proudly Australian company which was founded in 1992 with the policy of providing the best and latest technology, in an easy to use way and at an affordable price. From humble beginnings hand manufacturing every unit in the garage, MicroTech has leapt from strength to strength by maintaining our standards of quality and service.

MicroTech products are now sought after not only in Australia but New Zealand, America, South America and Asia. Our dedication to ensuring that our computers will meet the running demands of any engine while being simple to install and operate and above all affordable has made MicroTech a leader in the after-market automotive computer industry

Since the conception of electronics management systems, of which Australia is at the fore front, Mazfix has tried and tested many brands over the years. To date, our preference is the MicroTech management system. Consistently Microtech provides control and performance needed.

Mazfix is the authorized master distributor for MicroTech. The MicroTech LT Series gives you big performance in a surprisingly small and affordable package, which out performs many bigger dollars systems.

Designed to suit most modern EFI engines or carburetor to EFI conversions, the LT Series is the perfect budget solution to your engine's fuel supply and ignition needs.

Using data collected from the engine, the LT Series ECU makes instantaneous changes to the fuel flow and ignition curves as conditions change, keeping your engine running in peak condition all the time.

When you purchase a MicroTech LT Series ECU, it is fitted with a factory programmed chip which will allow you to start the engine as soon as the LT has been installed. Fine tuning is achieved by the use of the LT Handset or a Software Kit, which allows you to easily customize the function maps for the specific needs of your engine.

The LTS Handset also displays information on the engine conditions in real time, and features a data logging facility allowing you to store and retrieve data regarding the running condition to assist with advanced set-up.

We carry the full range of Microtech products, to find out more information please visit the  website or our Online Store

Microtech LT10S - To Suit 13B Turbo

This comes complete with the LT10S ECU, individually labeled wiring loom, a complete wiring diagram, & instruction booklet.

Total  :-  $1095 + freight

Microtech LT10S - To Suit 13B Turbo with Coil Packs

This comes complete with the LT10S ECU, X4 Ignition Module, 4 x Bosch Coils with mounting brackets, individually labeled wiring loom, a complete wiring diagram, & instruction booklet.

Total  :-  $1495 + freight

Microtech LT16c- To Suit 20B Turbo

This comes complete with the LT12S ECU, X6 Ignition Module, 6 x Bosch Coils with mounting brackets, individually labeled wiring loom, a complete wiring diagram, & instruction booklet.

Total  :-  $1795 + freight

Microtech 4 Line Hand Controller

The Hand Controller is the easiest way to program a MicroTech ECU for most people new to the system. The Hand Controller holds 4 memcals or programs on board which are easily saved and loaded. Hand controllers are now only available in 4 line. The Hand Controller comes with a backlit LCD 4 line Handset and a COM cable.

Only $235 + FREIGHT

Turbo Chargers & Package Deals

The Mazfix range of performance turbos are race proven, not just out of a supplier catalogue. By choosing a Mazfix turbo, you can be assured it has been tested and proven on the race track and is a culmination of many years of trials.

The unique and different combinations of snail size, front wheel size and rear wheel size mean turbos that look similar on the outside are indeed internally different for different applications. So take a look at our current range of performance turbos, where you the customer, benefit from our many years of testing, saving you thousands.

  • Hi flow Series 4 Turbo $1,250 exchange up to 300 HP rearwheel
  • Hi flow Series 5 Turbo $1,250 exchange up to 330 HP rearwheel
  • TO4 Mazfix specs $1,200 425-600HP   
  • TO4 Mazfix Brand TFX $3,000 450-700HP  
  • Other Race Only Turbos available $P.O.A.



Non-Genuine T66 Turbo, Manifold & Wastegate Package.

This kit comes complete with a non-genuine T66 Turbo Charger, Custom Steam pipe Exhaust Manifold, and a 50mm External Wastegate giving you an awesome starting point for a turbo upgrade or turbo conversion.

To purchase this kit for $2650 + freight 


TO-4 Upgrade Package

Suit Mazda 13B FC Series 4/5 RX7

This is a complete kit and includes all of the following High Quality Parts. . . .

  • Mazfix Spec High Flow T04 Turbo Charger
  • Microtech LT10S Fuel & Ignition ECU.
  • 50mm External Wastegate - V-Band Type
  • Custom Fabricated Steel Exhaust Manifold
  • Hi Flow Air Filter
  • Turbo Oil Feed & Drain Fitting Kit
  • Mazfix Turbo Beanie

All of this for only $4290 + Freight     

Subject to availability.

Mazda FD Series 6/7/8 Single Turbo Conversion

Complete Single Turbo Conversion Including The Following High Quality Parts....

  • Aftermarket ECU,  Microtech LT10c complete with wiring loom, diagram & booklet
  • Mazfix Spec High Flowed T04 Turbo Charger
  • Front Mounted Intercooler Kit- Complete with Pipework, Clamps etc. * 1 Pipe may need to be modified to suit your car.
  • Custom Fabricate Steampipe Exhaust Manifold
  • 50mm External Waste Gate
  • Turbo Oil Feed & Drain Fitting Kit
  • Mazfix Turbo Beanie

All of this for ONLY $4890 + freight


To compliment the Turbo we also have our own Turbo Beanie to control those under bonnet soaring temperatures, protect your paint work and most importantly aide the efficient working of your Turbo by keeping the heat in for quicker spool up.

Small stealth turbo beanie $165 + Freight 

Large stealth turbo beanie $180 + Freight

Mazfix Premium turbo beanie (one size fits all) $265 + Freight