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Mazfix BT-50

Owner’s name: Craig Melbourne

Age: 35 / 48

Occupation: Plumber

Make: Mazda

Model: Extra Cab BT-50

Body colour: TRD Factory Custom Paint

Engine: Mazfix Race Prep'd 20B Turbo Bridge Port, Race Apex Seal, Dowelled, External Oiling System, Balanced and Clearanced.

Exhaust: 6" Dump Pipe with 2 x GFB 50mm Waste Gates

Suspension: Koni Electronic Shocks - Rear. Koni Adjustable Pro Struts - Front. Jerry Bickel Wheelie Bars

Wheels: Weld Magnums 15 x 4 with Goodyear Front runners, Weld Aluma Star Beadlocks 16 x 15 with Mickey Thompson 16 X 17.5 Slicks

Modifications: Purpose Built Drag Car

Stereo Audio / Visual: Air Brushed Kenwood Head Unit

Estimated Power: Upwards of 1400hp

Awards/Achievements: 6.93 @ 198mph

Previous Cars: RX3ROTOR 

Your Ultimate Street Car:

Why you chose this car: Craig: I found the rolling shell on racing junk, seemed cheap so i flew over checked it out and bought it.

What were your main aims for the build-up: Archie:To get back into the 6 second club.

Best thing about your car? Craig: Totally different from every other pro car currently running.

What made the build particularly tricky/rewarding? Archie: We had to change the car over so that it would meet the current Andra Specs, turned out to be quite a big job.

Any people you want to thank?

Craig: Firstly and foremost Archie Kajewski from Mazfix for the killer setup  & Joel Turnbull for all of the late nights, and to everyone else that helped along the way.

Archie: Massive Thanks to Craig Melbourne from Australia for suppling the roller. Thanks to the team:-  Joel, Johnno & Mickey. Thanks to all of our sponsors who have helped get the truck to where it is today; Turbo by Garrett, VP Race Fuels, East Coast Lubes, Go Fast Bits, Colin Harper Concerting, Drew & Luke from PWR Performance Products for all our cooling needs.

Future plans for your car: Firmly back into the 6 Second Club

Total cost of the car: $848 worth of Domino's Pizza's, $735.30 worth of KFC, and $698.75 worth of Red Rooster..............

Any other comments you would like to add: Here we come.............