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RX8 Servicing

RX8 Log Book Servicing – From $249

Here at Mazfix Performance we offer extremely competitive pricing on our Log Book Servicing on RX8′s with a standard log book service starting from only $249  .  Our qualified Technicians will expertly perform all required tasks as specified by Mazda Australia as well as a full safety inspection and report on your RX8 each time it is serviced so you be sure everything is 100% and any small issues are picked up before they turn into larger problems.

To arrange a booking for your RX8, Please call our Customer Service Office on (07) 3341 1111 and our friendly and helpful staff will help you from there.

RX8 Dyno Decarbonisation - $600

Carbon build up causing significant Rotor congestion has been identified as the cause of many problematic issues pertaining to the RX8 and Mazfix have tackled this problem head-on with a specialised RX8 Decarbonisation Process.
The specilaised fluid used in the process encourages the displacement of the carbon build-up, which is then removed from the engine with some vigorous time on the build house dyno machine.