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MAZFIX is a custom to being in the record books. Over the years time slips have fallen and then inevitably a new benchmark to beat is set, both personally and within the national and world scene.

Pistons & Rotors

29 August 2005 - By Zoom Magazine

Mazfix dyno days are rumoured to be big, so we went along to find out just how big


Recently, the Seven of Clubs Mazda Car Club of QLD ( held a joint dyno day with Mazfix Performance. Previous dyno days held by Archie and the boys have pulled some decent cars, and when combined with the Seven of Clubs, it was definitely an event we were keen to attend.


Entries for the day were many and varied, with the Seven of Clubs Mazda Car Club hosting 26 cars in all but one category, not to mention the many other private competitiors. It proved to be a hit with onlookers, with estimates of more than 500 spectators watching the action on the rollers. Mazfix even had a big-screen TV for the crowd. In true QLD fashion, the weather was spot-on, with many retiring from the dyno room to grab a sausage from the BBQ and have a look at the hundreds of cars lining the street.


Standouts from the event included Phillip Burnette’s R33 Skyline posting a solid 500kW at the wheels, along with Ron Lange’s 305kW 1G-GTE-powered Gemini. Plenty of aspirated and turbocharged rotors hit the rollers, with Andrew Smith’s 13B Turbo-powered VW Buggy laying down 160kW at the wheels. Not bad for a dirt demon. It wasn’t just the twin-rotor crowd either, with a cuple of 20B Cosmos having a run.


Mazfix ran its Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno in Shoot Out modefor repeatability and consistency

Being both a Mazfix and Seven of Clubs dyno day, 13B Turbo conversions were everywhere

Ron Lang’s Toyota 1G-GT-powered Gemini stunned onlookers when it peeled off 305kW at the back wheels

No wonder he was happy!

13B Turbo buggy was a crowd favourite

Cool rims!

Without doubt, the FD RX-7 is one of the best-looking cars ever produced

Archie Kajewski worked tirelessly on the dyno ensuring everyone got a run

With over 500 spectators, it was standing room only

The action was too much for some

Tim Kreis even strapped his 8sec Cortina to the rollers. His best was a cool 443kW

Leigh Anderson’s ported 808 wagon is a rare beast

With a hit of Nos, Phillip Burnette’s R33 Skyline blew the competition away with over 500kW at the wheels

With a hit of Nos, Phillip Burnette’s R33 Skyline blew the competition away with over 500kW at the wheels