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MAZFIX is a custom to being in the record books. Over the years time slips have fallen and then inevitably a new benchmark to beat is set, both personally and within the national and world scene.

RX8 Engine Accessories

RX8 Engine Accessories


RX-8 Radiator Upgrade


$950 Or fitted $1290

Includes labour to remove old radiator and refit upgraded radiator with a coolant flush.


The Mazfix upgrade has double the water capacity in the core, full alloy construction for reliability (factory is plastic tanks). High quality PWR core.


RX-8 Oil Cooler Kit- $795 or Fitted for $995

In Australia we only have one oil cooler (on left side). In the USA + Japan they have two oil coolers. The Mazfix oil cooler kit gives you extra cooling as needed for performance in our harsh Australian climate..


Highly recommended for track use.


Racing Beat REVI Air Intake Box, $789 Plus fitting

To Suit No Turbo RX8. Racing Beat offers our extremely popular REVi Intake System for all RX-8 applications. Designed to offer performance improvements without sacrificing drivability, the Racing Beat intake system is the final result of hundreds of hours of dyno test sessions and on-road testing.


The major components of the REVi Intake System include: an OEM style air box assembly, custom-designed K&N air filter unit, aluminum mass air flow sensor tube, and a tuned-length air inlet horn. Unlike many of the aftermarket intake systems on the market, the Racing Beat intake system retains one of the important mesh screens to aid with the even distribution of airflow across the mass air sensor. The inclusion of this screen minimizes the possibility of “rough idle” issues that may occur if both stock screens are eliminated.


Working with the design team at K&N Engineering, a high capacity air filter was developed that allowed us to position a tuned-length intake horn inside the filter body. This filter design allowed us to fine-tune the length of the air horn to maximize the performance potential. We have noted that many aftermarket intake systems for the RX-8 incorporate a large air filter, which is then connected to the intake manifold with a length of plastic or metal tubing. In many cases, the size of the filter that has been selected will dictate the length of tubing required, severely limiting the critical tuning importance of the air intake tube!



Racing Beat Ram Air Duct, $385

RX8 racing Beat Ram Air Duct. For Use with REV-I Intake Box. Racing Beat offers our Ram Air Duct for use with the Racing Beat REVi Intake Kit. The inlet of this duct is positioned in the mouth opening of the Mazda RX-8 to allow cooler ambient air to be force-fed directly into the REVi intake tract, converting your intake into a true “cold-air” intake system! Designed by Racing Beat, this high-density polyethylene intake duct mounts under the nose of your RX-8 and directs air into the inlet of the REVi Intake Kit. This duct can also be used with the stock intake box or aftermarket intake kits to direct cooler air into the engine compartment.



RX8 Upgraded Ignition Coil Packs – $165 ea

These Brand New Upgraded Coil Packs are to suit all models of Mazda RX8. These coils are a upgrade of the Mazda factory units and are a direct replacement for the standard oem units. We are one of the only shops currently selling these in the countr

RX-8 Billet Oil Filter Sandwich Plate – $148

The Billet Sandwich Plate is compatible with all 1971-92 12A and 13B engines, 2004-2008 RX-8 engines and the 1999-2005 MX5 engines.


The Oil Sandwich Plate Adapter unit allows for easy installation of sender units for most popular gauges (1/8-inch female pipe for oil pressure and 3/8-inch female pipe for oil temperature). Due to clearance and fitting restrictions, this adaptor is not suitable for use on the 1993-95 RX-7and 2009+ RX-8′s.


The machined-aluminum adapter will accommodate either mechanical or electrical senders. The adapter mounts immediately below the oil filter assembly and includes a mounting O-ring and detailed installation instructions. Easily installs by simply removing the oil filter! Gauges, senders, and adapter nuts are not included.


Blow Off Valve Hiflow Plumb Back. $760 Fitted – Turbo Cars Only

Fully recirculating valve. A quiet alternative to the atmospheric BOV, the Plumb Back systems vents all excess pressure back into the intake system.



Ideal for cars with sensitive Air-Flow systems and off-road applications as the fully-sealed design of the Plumb Back prevents any foreign matter entering the system.