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RX8 Turbo Upgrades

Gen 1 RX-8 Stage One Turbo Upgrade – $12,500 – Fitted & Tuned

  • Massive 200kW at the wheels (approximately) 
  • Street legal. Comes with Mod Plate / Certificate.
  • Double ball bearing turbo with internal wastegate ,  NOW with upgraded billet front wheel.
  • Quality Hiflow Intercooler
  • Quality pipe work
  • Bolt up exhaust – No cutting or modifications to standard exhaust
  • Retuned Factory ECU
  • Completely reversible and unboltable
  • Uses standard exhaust and air intake or can be upgraded
  • Fully Installed and Tuned
  • Drives like a standard RX-8, EXCEPT when you put your foot down.
  • Fuel economy similar to factory, unless using boost.
  • Please Note: We highly recommend the RX-8 Clutch Upgrade as the standard clutch wont keep up with the massive increase in torque .

    Click Below to watch a video of our RX8 Turbo Upgrade Kit in Action


    Custom Fabricated Turbo Hi-Flow Exhaust, $1875

    To Suit Turbo RX8. The Mazfix Turbo RX8 Cat Back System is manufactured with no compromise in quality or workmanship.

    Features of  the Turbo System systems:

    • Stainless Steel construction
    • Solid 10mm Stainless Flanges
    • TIG welded for added strength
    • 3″ all the way
    • Factory fit and compatibility


    RX-8 Turbo Race Plugs $78each

    RX8 Turbo Race Spark Plugs. These Plugs are suit to all Turbo RX8s.


    Hiboost Switch. Fitted & Setup $495

    Gives the car 2 boost levels.

    Blow Off Valve Hiflow Plumb Back. $860 Fitted – Turbo Cars Only

    Fully recirculating valve. A quiet alternative to the atmospheric BOV, the Plumb Back systems vents all excess pressure back into the intake system.

    APPLICATION: Ideal for cars with sensitive Air-Flow systems and off-road applications as the fully-sealed design of the Plumb Back prevents any foreign matter entering the system.


    Turbo Timer for Turbo RX-8, fitted $480


    Mazda Factory ECU / Computer Retuning, From $1,200

    RX8 Upgraded Ignition Coil Packs – $145 ea

    These Brand New Upgraded Coil Packs are to suit all models of Mazda RX8. These coils are a upgrade of the Mazda factory units and are a direct replacement for the standard oem units. We are one of the only shops currently selling these in the country.