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Fuel Systems


When you upgrade the power of your engine, it is imperative you increase the fuel supply. Rule of thumb is to supply more than you need. This will ensure correct feed to the engine and also protect your engine. We offer a big range of Fuel Pumps

FP910 - In Line Pump - Rated to 450HP

FP984 - In Line Pump - Rated to 500HP

FP040 - In Tank Pump - Rated to 400HP

FP044 - In Line Pump - Rated to 600HP     

FP023 - In Tank Pump - Rated to 600HP    


Surge Tanks

Mazfix custom fabricates alloy and stainless steel surge tanks with universal fit, to fit in the boot of most cars or alternatively tanks to fit under cars.

Series 1/2/3 RX7 under car style  -  $195

Custom Tanks also fabricated to your specifications.  -  $POA



Mazfix can Ultrasonically Clean, Service, Flow Test  and Re-Kit your existing injectors for only $37.50ea

Or upgrade you to bigger flow injectors.

We stock a large range of Injectors ranging from 550cc up to 2200cc with prices starting from $135 per Injector.

880cc  Seimen Injectors - Low Impedance  - $145 ~

1000cc Rochester Injectors - Low Impedance - $145 ~ 

1600cc Bosch Indy Blue Injectors - Low Impedance - $155 ~ 

2200cc Continental Injectors - Low Impedance - $345 ~ 


Custom Fuel Rails

Custom fuel rail setups to suit any application spun alloy boss to fit extra injectors. Thread in or weld in.


Fuel Pressure Regulators

The fuel pressure regulator is a high performance tuning part which replaces the original equipment valve. This will produce a healthy, strong fuel mixture strength which will improve the drivability and power of your car.

Type A  :-   High Performance Fuel Pressure Regulator - Ratio 1:1

(Psi of Fuel Pressure: psi of Boost Pressure)

Sard Fuel Pressure Regulator $235

Sard Fuel Pressure Gauge $32.00

Turbosmart fpr1200 Fuel Pressure Reg blue or black $254.75

Turbosmart Fuel Pressure Gauge $35.95

Turbosmart Replacement Fuel Pressure Reg dia/assemblies $49.95

Tomei Type S Fuel Pressure Reg $265.00